5 November

9h20-9h50. Registration

9h50-10h. Welcome remarks. Caio Simões de Araújo, Adrien Delmas and Pamila Gupta.

10h00-11h00. Opening Address

Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni (University of South Africa): A Luta Continua or the End of Liberation? Rethinking Colonialism, Nationalism and Decolonization in Southern Africa

11h10-12h40 Panel. Southern Africa and the World: international organizations and networks

Aurora Almada e Santos (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal): The Portuguese Colonial Issue in the United Nations and the Southern African Regional Context

Iolanda Vasile (Centro de Estudos Sociais, Portugal): Romania-Southern Africa connection: a look into 1970´s relations

Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo (Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Portugal) and José Pedro Monteiro (Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Portugal/Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies, Switzerland): Labour on the move: internationalism and colonialism in Southern Africa (1947-1974)

Chair: Pamila Gupta (WiSER, Wits University)

12h40-13h40. Lunch Break

13h40-15h10. Panel. Southern Connections: regional decolonization between Second and Third World

Caio Simões de Araújo (Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies, Switzerland): From Afro-Asia, with love: global decolonization and the “Indian question” in Mozambique

Myra Ann Houser (Ouachita Baptis University, US): Decolonizing Which Atlantic? South Africa, Namibia, and El Salvador during the 1980s

Albert Farré (Universidade de Brasília, Brazil): Brazilian Journalists in Southern Africa: Mozambique, Angola, and South Africa

Chair: Noor Nieftagodien (Wits University, South Africa)

15h20-16h50. Roundtable. Perspectives on Southern African Decolonization

Giorgio Miescher (Centre for African Studies, University of Basel, Switzerland): Thinking with Empire: a view from Namibia

Sue Onslow (Institute of Commonwealth Studies, UK): Decolonisation as a process: Ruptures and Continuities

Chair: Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo (ICS, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal)

16h50-17h20. Coffee Break

17h20-18h40. Visual Workshop: Screening of the film “Effects of Wording,” followed by a debate with the author Catarina Simão (independent researcher and film curator)

Discussant: Joanna Tague (Denison University, US)

6 November

9h00-10h30. Panel. Peoples on the move: displacement, migration and decolonization

Eric Allina (University of Ottawa, Canada/Humboldt University, Germany): Labour on the Frontlines: an entangled history of Southern Africa and Central Europe

Joanna Tague (Denison University, US): Refugee Power: Contestations over the Displaced during Mozambique’s War for Liberation, 1960-1974

Pamila Gupta (WiSER, Wits University, South Africa): Decolonization and Dispossession in Lusophone Africa

Chair: Arianna Lissoni (Wits University, South Africa)

10h40-12h10. Panel. Red Entanglements: international communism and decolonization

Adrien Delmas (IFAS, South Africa): Cuba and Apartheid

Kelly Araújo (Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Brazil): The involvement of Moscow in the war against insurgency in Angola, seen through the eyes of former combatants (1975-1991)

Chris Saunders (University of Cape Town, South Africa): The Soviets, Cubans and the Last Phase of Decolonization of Namibia

Chair: Myra Ann Houser (Ouachita Baptis University, US)

12h10-13h10. Lunch Break

13h10-14h40. Panel. The politics of space and heritage in Southern Africa

Pedro Pombo (Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, India): Narrating Ruins: Landscapes of belonging and the remains of history in a southern Mozambican district

Albino Jopela (Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique): Liberation heritage and the politics of heritage in postcolonial Mozambique

Walter Rossa (Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal): Urbanistic heritage and urban resilience for the future of African societies

Chair: Sharad Chari (Centre for Indian Studies in Africa, Wits University)

14h50-16h20. Panel. The Aesthetics of Liberation

Ana Balona de Oliveira (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal): The aesthetics of liberation: Southern Africa in Contemporary Artistic practices from Mozambique, South Africa, Angola and Portugal

Afonso Ramos (University College London, UK): Imagining struggles between Luanda and New York: on Stan Douglas’ project Disco Angola

Jessica Stephenson (Kennesaw State University, US): Military Migration and Memory: Angolan Flechas Four Decades on

Chair: Bettina Malcomess (Wits School of Arts, Wits University)

16h20-16h50. Coffee break

16h50-18h20. Roundtable. Colonialism, Decolonization and Post-coloniality in Lusophone Africa

Benedito Machava (University of Michigan, US): The Road not Taken: Political Imagination and the Realm of the Possible in Decolonizing Mozambique

António Tomás (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa): Decolonizing the “undecolonizable”? Portugal and the independence of Lusophone Africa

Chair: Daria Trentini (Wits University, South Africa)

18h20-19h00. Closing Roundtable. The future of research on Southern Africa

19h00. Closing Cocktail


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